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Are you ready to climb into the driver’s seat and take FULL control of your life and future?


I can help you! Let’s do it!

Are you wanting more from your life and business?



Would you like to learn from someone who gets things done, walks the talk and keeps it real at the same time?


Would you like to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY in your life and/or business?


Let’s PUSH past your barriers and what’s holding you back, EMBRACE the fear of change and make your life and business NON-NEGOTIABLE.


You need to stop listening to other people’s negative opinion’s about anything and everything you’re doing.


You want to feel CONFIDENT, MOTIVATED, of high SELF-ESTEEM and be able to THRIVE and fulfill whatever it is that you desire in your Life and Business.



You deserve the best!


MY LIFETIME PHILOSOPHY is > “You CAN and WILL achieve anything you set your mind to – you have to work on your Mindset!© “



I can help you do just that! 


I am focused on IMPACT and VALUE in all of my work. Mindset, Motivation & YOU experiencing Breakthrough’s and I would love to help you reach your full potential by working closely with you ~ inspiring, motivating and empowering you along your journey (no matter where your starting point is).



Let’s create your breakthrough today!

Without the experience and training that Rebecca gave me I would never have gone on to start my own business from home, managed a cosmetics department for a large department store and eventually happily came to where I am now; a senior sales negotiator/ trainee manager for one of the most prestigious estate agents in the north east. Rebecca’s coaching has been invaluable to my career, I use it everyday in business and manage my own staff by her example. Thanks for the huge difference you made in my life Rebecca! Tara Watson

Senior Sales Negotiator, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne

I get it! I really do.


So, take a deep breath and know that what you’re experiencing right now is not your end-game.


Your life is a train journey and YOU are the driver.


~ Know that there are NO limits on your creativity, happiness, earnings or enjoyment of life.



~ You CAN transform your life to whatever you desire with great determination, a fantastic skill set, a positive attitude and also a strategy plan – you have to TAKE ACTION!



~ You CAN do this – BELIEVE IN YOU! Work on your MINDSET and EMBRACE the process of your journey.





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From the moment I met Rebecca I have been continually impressed with the encouragement and advice she has given me both personally and professionally. From the smallest to the biggest problems she has always been able to give positive and constructive advice with guidance which has made her an invaluable adviser to myself and my business. If you need a special person to work with in life and business look no further than this lady! Robert Deadman

Managing Director, RS Security


Rebecca Adams is founder and CEO of RebeccaAdamsBiz.com, a Mindset & Breakthrough Coach, Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur, Law Of Attraction Practitioner & Amazon #1 International Bestselling Co-Author in 3 books. 


She has been in sales and business since 2003. She has been involved in Network Marketing and also set up her own children’s clothing company (starting on a market stall, website & party plan) before incorporating Life Coaching with her Business Coaching in 2014.


Focusing on VALUE and IMPACT in people’s lives and businesses through DEEP CONNECTION, MINDSET & MOTIVATION Rebecca works to improve her client’s CONFIDENCE to believe in themselves. She helps them to ELEVATE their businesses and CREATE the life and business they DESIRE.


Rebecca won an award in 2004 (Best New Team, Avon Cosmetics) and has co-authored “The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose” Book 1 (and the accompanying Workbook) together with 21 other Women Leaders from around the globe. They both ranked Amazon TRIPLE #1 International Bestseller in June 2017. 


She is also a Co-Author for the Amazon #1 International Bestselling Book “Affirmations & Antidotes That Heal Me” in September 2017.


With an increasing following on Social Media, Rebecca produces daily Facebook Live broadcasts advocating her beliefs and inspiring her followers.


A Mindset and Breakthrough Coach, Life & Business Coach, Entrepreneur, International Bestselling Co-Author, Law of Attraction Practitioner, a Network Marketing Professional and a keen photographer.


Rebecca is BIG on Personal Development, Gratitude and Mindset. Rebecca is a mum of two living in Wiltshire, UK. She is a woman of Faith and also lives & works by the Law Of Attraction helping YOU with Mindset & Motivation.

“Always deliver more than expected.”

Personal Note from Me


I feel deeply humbled, honoured and blessed that I have found my “calling” and I can help turn someone’s day around through a text, email, comment on social media, Facebook Live, over the phone or in person.

I find that I have a natural flare for influencing and motivating people, helping them to create positivity in their life and I absolutely love what I do.


Throughout this whole journey – that I never expected to have – I have met some truly amazing and inspirational people who I admire and respect so much.


They have shown me ways to expand and grow my businesses and also introduced me to other fantastic entrepreneurs who I know will be friends for life. I send gratitude to everyone who has touched my life so far.

Now, I feel comfortable and confident with how my life is and I feel more settled than I ever have been – because I’m doing what I love!!


And, I would be honoured to help YOU to get to this stage too!



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