The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Book

Are you UNSTOPPABLE?     Do you have a burning desire to really IMPACT the world and give VALUE to the people in it?   Do you feel that you want to be UNSTOPPABLE?   OR Do you feel that everything is weighing you down right now and you don't know...

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Start where you are….

Are you in a place whereby you're watching someone who may be on page 20, and so far ahead of you that you're sweating trying to keep up, as you're on page 1? (within life or business).   I'm here to say to you slow down, stop watching them and focus on you! Get...

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We Rock Empowerment Marathon

I am super excited and thrilled to share with you about the FREE 24 hour We Rock Empowerment Marathon, which is taking place online on January 1st 2017.    It is an amazing opportunity to hear from 24 women entrepreneurs who are sharing with you their tips,...

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Are you full of gratitude every day for what you have, even the smallest of things? It’s great and sets you up for the rest of the day if you are thankful, mindful and full of gratitude for everything you have, don’t you think?   You’ll be in such a better mood...

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Go for the No!

It seems a bit strange to say “Go for the No” because in business you want customers and clients and need them for your business obviously. A lot of people focus on going for the yes (which is great), as you want them to open their purse and wallet and buy your...

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Do you have a bucket list?

I want to ask you - Do you have a bucket list? I call it a life list but whatever you call it, do YOU have one? I always say "Make Memories" #makememories and the thing is if you don't have a "bucket list" what are you aiming for, what do you want to achieve within...

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Network Marketing

Are you in Network Marketing? Have you heard of it before or know anything about it? And, I don't mean the negative stuff you may have heard off other people saying how it doesn't work etc.  I wanted to write a blog post about how it DOES work - if YOU work at it. It...

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