So, you have a business or you are just setting up a business and you’re told “the money is in your list” and you have no idea where to start.


Do not worry…… I’ve been there so i know exactly how you feel, and it can kinda get overwhelming and scary when you’re wearing all the hats, spinning all the plates and doing 50 million jobs not knowing where to start with your email list.


You don’t have to feel scared or full of anxiety about it any longer.


 Because I have felt like you are and because I have been where you are I want to make it a bit easier on you so I have created an ebook to help you to start to build your email list. Yey!


And if you already have a list, fantastic! This ebook can also help you to add more of your amazing people onto your email list too.

We, as business owners, are always adding to our email lists constantly. It’s like a natural thing that is synced into us as we go along our days.


 The bonuses of having a list:

  • building a wonderful community of amazing people
  • giving incredible value and content to your audience
  • increasing your like, know and trust factor
  • establishing yourself as an authority figure and a brand
  • building relationships with your ideal clients and customers
  • being able to offer your gifts to the world through your emails.


The list can carry on and on.


It truly is a wonderful feeling when you know you’re impacting and help serve so many people through your emails. By giving value and nurturing it’s so empowering and I know you want to feel this amazing feeling too.


And, you can!



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