I have chosen this incredible charity as it’s dear to my heart and I believe EVERYONE on this beautiful Earth should have the basic human need of WATER in their homes. 

I have made this charity part of my LEGACY and so, for every program, product or service that is bought from my company, 15% of the profit is being donated DIRECT to Clean Water for Haiti.

Here’s a little bit about their story……>> 

Clean Water for Haiti works to help provide access to clean, potable water for Haitian families by building and installing bio-sand water filters in homes.

The program is community led as they work with local Community Promoters who share about the filters in their local area, sign up families who want a filter, collect the co-pay, then work with the Haitian staff at Clean Water for Haiti to co-ordinate delivery and installation.

Once a filter is installed the Clean Water for Haiti staff provide a year of follow up visits that happen at 1 month, 3 months, and one year after installation. This gives them a chance to make sure the filter is working well and that the family understands how to use it and do the simple maintenance. It’s a long term, sustainable solution to a really difficult problem.

Clean Water for Haiti’s motto is “Empowering. Improving. Sustaining”

because the staff believe those things will help Haiti move forward. In everything that Clean Water for Haiti do they aim to help Haitians become more self-sufficient.

They’ve chosen a model for their program that requires the families invest in their filter to give it value and the result is that over 95% of our filters are still in use after the first year. They’ve chosen to use the concrete version of the bio-sand filter not only because it’s durable and can effectively treat source water, even removing Cholera, but also because they can produce them in Haiti with local materials and using local Haitian labor.

This helps support the local economy and provide long term, steady employment.

For about $100 US per filter, Clean Water for Haiti are making a HUGE impact with long term effects! 


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