The International Interview Series 2019 by Rebecca Adams is here!

This is Year 3 of this amazing project and every year I step it up with the people who are interviewed as I want you to gain more value each and every time I complete this wonderful series.

It really is magical and phenomenal!!

This year is a mixture of incredible entrepreneurs and inspirational people who have been through a lot in their lives. They share with you their personal stories, their tough and sad times and also their accomplishments, dreams, victories and much more.

This series is here to really INSPIRE, MOTIVATE and EMPOWER you to STEP INTO YOUR POWER and ELEVATE you in both your life and business.

To help you see that Life is precious and is for you to achieve anything you set your mind to.

Learn from 30 INCREDIBLE people from all around the globe, who have done what you want to do or more in many professions and share their inspirational personal stories with you. So, make sure you have a notebook and pen plus tissues!

Let them show you how to UP YOUR GAME and really PLAY BIG to achieve the freedom and life that you desire for yourself and your family. They’ll make you see your life from a fresh outlook and that YOUR TIME IS NOW!!


> Do you desire to stop playing small in your life or business?

> Do you want to get out of your own way and stop holding yourself back?

> Do you desire to really learn from the best and take action now?

> Do you want to attract more paying clients and customers to your business?

> Do you want to learn from people who have made mistakes and come through the other side?

> Do you want to feel empowered, motivated and increase your self-belief?

> Are you ready to elevate and uplevel yourself into the world?

> Do you desire to design your days and work on your terms?

> Do you want to learn how to work on your mindset and be the best version of yourself daily?

> Are you ready to show up and receive everything you desire?



Then do yourself a favour……..sign up for this series!


You have life-time access!

It’s going to be a GAME-CHANGER for you!! 



Entrepreneurs from the UK, USA, ABU DHABI, SOUTH AFRICA, SCOTLAND, WALES, CANADA, BELGIUM etc are here for you sharing their knowledge and expertise to enable you to GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY and do the thing you want to do!  


(each interview is between 30mins-60mins so you’ll receive over 20 hours of juicy goodness).



> SHERRY CANNON- JONES (UK) Entrepreneur, Soul Purpose Strategist 

> TISH HAWKEN (UK, ABU DHABI) Anxiety Management Coach, Author, Entrepreneur

> IMANI SPEAKS (UK) Radio Presenter, Social Media & Blogging Consultant

> MICHAEL LAKE (UK) Professional Network Marketer, Ignite Live Event 2020 MC 

> ANESKA WIDE (SOUTH AFRICA) Photographer, Entrepreneur

> RAY COATES (UK) Singer / Songwriter, Speaker, Advocate for Cancer, Actor, Poet

> LISA LOWNDES (UK) Network Marketer, Blogger, Entrepreneur

> MARYAM DE GROEF (UK, BELGIUM, CANADA) Holistic Wellness Coach & Essential Oils Practitioner, Author.

> NAOMI MARIE (UK) Singer, Actress, Model, Ignite Live Event 2019 Speaker.

> SHARON HOGGAN (SCOTLAND) Blogger, Leads Generator, Affiliate Marketer

> CARMEN SWART (SOUTH AFRICA) Marketing Supervisor, Network Marketer, Studying her Bachelor’s Degree

> JONATHAN GREEN (UK) Personal Growth Coach, Transformational Speaker, Runs Mindfulness & Meditation Sessions and Retreats

> ALISON PARSONS (UK) Artist, Owner of LoveDucks, Law of Attraction Practitioner, Blogger, Author and Network Marketer

> HALEY GRAY (USA) Founder of Leadership Girl, Founder of Women’s Entrepreneur Network FB Group, Business Entrepreneur covering SEO, Sales Funnels, Social Media and Ads. She also has an MBA.

> DI THOMAS (WALES) Supply Teacher & Network Marketer

> AIMELEIGH COLLINS (UK) Entrepreneur & Owner of Charismatique Basingstoke

> CHRIS LENGLE (USA) Business Entrepreneur – Investment Services, Innovative Recycling Solutions for Medical Products, Credit & Funding for Businesses.

> ANDY ASHWORTH (UK) Charity  Advocate for Diabetes

> CLAIRE KENDRICK (UK) Ambassador for a Women’s Empowerment Group supporting charity’s “MIND” and “Women’s refuge”, Award Nominee in the NW of England. Entrepreneur & Bridal Hair Specialist.

> LOLA WHITE (HAWAII) Lifestyle & Bodyluxe Coach, Certified Transformational Coach, Certified Nutritional Therapist Practitioner, Speaker & Mentor and a member of the National Association of Nutritional Professionals.

> PHOEBE ADAMS (UK) Inspirational young lady

> MICHELLE NETHERTON (UK) Life Coach, Diplomas in SEN 3 and 4, Autism & ADHD, Ignite Live Event Guest Speaker 2019

> DEVEINA REYNOLDS (USA) Entrepreneur, Visionary, Prophetess, Teacher & Preacher. Founder of Women Walking in Victory (WWIV)

> HELEN McNULTY (UK) Co-Founder of The Bot Queens, Social Media Queen

> CARL FOSTER (UK) Author and Inspirational Speaker

> REBECCA ADAMS (UK) International Life Mastery Mentor, International Business Coach & Mindset Coach, Law Of Attraction Practitioner, NLP Coach, £1 Amazon International bestselling Co-Author of 4 books, Course Creator, Creative Founder & Director of the IGNITE Live Event

> VICTORIA SAINSBURY-BROWN (UK) Cancer survivor and Charity Advocate

> ELAINE BAKER (WALES) Internet Marketer (online & Offline), Co-Founder of The Bot Queens

> CHERYL RANCOURT (USA) Entrepreneur selling candles 


and many more……..

I desire you to be able to learn from amazing, inspirational people to help you elevate your life, business, work & to step into your power & boost your confidence, belief in yourself and much more….


I’m excited to see you on the inside of the international interview series 2019!

go for it and say yes to you!

international interview series 2019



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