Ignite Live Event – APRIL 2019


Guest Speakers, Optional Gala Dinner, Entertainment, optional mastermind & loads more….

Attend IGNITE in April and have THE experience of a lifetime!

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Happiness Habits Series (Jan 2019)

I was very excited to be interviewed by Lauren Lindsay on her Happiness Habits Series live on Facebook. 

It was amazing and I shared a lot of personal and professional golden nuggets plus…… I got quite emotional on the interview too.

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Queen B Magazine (Jan-March 2019)

I was very excited to be asked again by Latonya Thomas to be featured in her “Queen B Magazine”.

I was very humbled and honoured to talk about the Ignite Live Event I am hosting in Bath, UK in April 2019.

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We Are Beautiful Magazine (Jan 2019)

I was incredibly humbled to be asked by Irene Pro to be featured in the January 2019 edition of “We Are Beautiful” Magazine.

I was given a 10-page spread as I shared about the Ignite Live Event 2019 that I am hosting in Bath, UK in April.

I am also featured in the We Are Beautiful 2019 Calendar too.

We Rock 24hr Empowerment Marathon (Jan 1st 2019)

I was thrilled and honoured to be a Guest Speaker on the “We Rock 24hr Empowerment Marathon” on Jan 1st 2019.

Kicking off the New Year as I mean to go on, I inspired and motivated people internationally LIVE on the hour slot I had. It was amazing!

Many thanks to the amazing Edeline Francois-Dryden.

"Miss Be Inspired Soapbox Online TV Show (Dec 2018)

I was absolutely humbled and honoured to be asked to be on Naomi Rudisill-Burrell’s Online TV Show “Miss Be Inspired Soapbox”.

I said YES and it was an incredible and enjoyable interview. Naomi has interviewed me before in 2017 on her radio show so it was an honour to be featured on her new show.

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International Interview Series 2018 (Nov 2018)

I was interviewed by Lori Stancil on my very own International Interview Series in November 2018.

I share a lot of insights, knowledge and tips in this inetrview about my 15yrs in business, plus personal stuff too.

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to buy the entire International Interview Series 2018 & receive the BONUS of the IIS 2017 too. (59 interviews in total)

AwokenBoss Interview (September 2018)

I was excited and honoured to have been approached by Kate Hennessey Bowers to be interviewed for “AWOKENBOSS”.

I share with you about meditation, naysayers and Nan jokes! 

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"Be Your Own" online magazine (August 2018)

I was absolutely humbled and blessed when asked by Sam and her team to be interviewed for #BEYOUROWN.

I said YES and I am very honoured to have been featured all on the BEYOUROWN Instagram and Twitter plus their website. And, Sam’s Instagram to over 70k followers in total.

I share so much value in my interview for you to take action within your life and business so I hope you enjoy it.

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We Are Beautiful Magazine Celebration Edition (march 2018)

I was featured in the March 2018 Celebration Edition of We Are Beautiful Magazine (via the We Are Beautiful Magazine Facebook Page).

It was an honour and privilege to be amongst some wonderful, incredible human beings to be celebrated in the month of March in  this magazine. I am humbled and want to thank Irene Pro.

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to go to the “We Are Beautiful Magazine” Facebook Page.

We Are Beautiful Entrepreneurs Magazine (Jan/Feb 2018 edition - Print & Online)

I was so excited and honoured to have been asked by Irene Pro to also be in her “WE ARE BEAUTIFUL ENTREPRENEURS MAGAZINE” too, for the months of Jan / Feb 2018.

I share with you a bit about myself, how YOU can believe in yourself and strive to be a better version of you every single day. Enjoy my video too. 

Click the image above to read other inspiring entrepreneurs too. 

We Are Beautiful Magazine (Jan/Feb 2018 edition - Print & Online)

I was absolutely humbled and blessed when asked by Irene Pro if I would be featured in her “WE ARE BEAUTIFUL MAGAZINE” which is based in America.

I said YES immediately and wrote my article. It’s over a 4-page spread with a video too.

I am alongside lots of other entrepreneurs from around the globe sharing our wisdom and stories.

Click the Image above and enjoy.

Queen B magazine (Jan-Mar 2018 Edition - Print & Online Copy)

I was featured in the Jan-Mar 2018 Edition of Queen B Magazine (available from Jan 8th 2018).

It was an honour and privilege to be amongst some wonderful, incredible ladies in this magazine. I am humbled to have been asked by Latonya Thomas.

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE to purchase your copy. 

Real & Raw at 4pm - Monday & Friday Facebook Lives

Every Monday & Friday I am “Real & Raw at 4pm” (GMT) on my Facebook Wall as I go LIVE.

I cover lots of different topics but mainly Mindset, Motivation, Goal-setting, Life, Business and much more.

My aim is that you go away with a golden nugget to take action on & implement within your life & business to make it better.

Join me Live and come & say “Hi”. (CLICK HERE)

Article written for Queen B Magazine (Dec 29th 2017)


I was asked by Latonya Thomas to write an article for her “QUEEN B MAGAZINE” which is an online magazine based in America. 

I was thoroughly humbled and honoured as she asked my on a Facebook Live and I said yes straight away and then wrote the article within 2 days for her and it went live. 

Click the Image above and enjoy it. Please leave a comment and share on your social media platforms. 

Facebook Live Mindset & Motivation Trainings in Groups (all year)

I have been asked by numerous top leaders to conduct Facebook Live Trainings in their team groups to help their members with Mindset, Motivation and much more. 

I have been doing these since early 2017 and find them amazingly enjoyable and impactful for the value I share for others to help in their life & business. I also connect with everyone direct & answer every message/comment too. 

If you have a group that you would like me to do a Facebook Live in, then please connect with me direct and we can talk more. (CLICK HERE TO CONNECT)

Live Interview with Jessica Marie Schuurman (Nov 13th 2017)

I am very humbled and honoured to have been interviewed by Jessica for her business “The Black Sheep Weirdo Media”.

The interview was recorded earlier in the year but went live in Nov 2017.

I shared with Jessica about my chapter withing “The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose” Anthology Book 1 and what it meant to me to write the chapter about my son Dominic and where I became unstoppable and how you can too, plus I share lots more.

Click the image above to watch the interview.

Rebecca Adams' International Interview Series 2017

I created my International Interview Series 2017 to go LIVE every day in November of that year.

Subscribers to the Series received an email daily in their inbox with a new interview in from an incredible entrepreneur from around the globe. 

30 International Entrepreneurs were featured on the Series and it was a wonderful and inspirational project to create.

The entrepreneurs shared their top 5 things they’d recommend to do in life & business, the best piece of advice they’ve been given, what they want to accomplish, how they got started in business and much more. 

*Please connect with me if you’re interested in being part of my IIS 2018*

Live Interview on Welcome To Your Fuller Life Radio Show (June 21st 2017)

LeaAnn Fuller is an Empowerment Coach, Co-Author, Speaker & Radio Show Host.

I was asked to be a Guest on the show, together with 3 of my fellow co-authors, to talk about “The Unstoppable Woman Of Purpose Anthology Volume 1. ( LeaAnn is also a co-author in the book too).

I spoke about how I became part of the Global Movement, plus I talked about MINDSET, why I’m unstoppable and how you can STEP INTO YOUR OWN POWER and BECOME unstoppable too.


CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE and enjoy the show.x

Live Interview on the Be Inspired Radio Show (June 14th 2017)

I was asked to be a Guest on the Be Inspired Radio Show (based in Baltimore,Maryland), alongside Shawnie Russell and I was interviewed by Miss Be-Inspired herself, Naomi Rudisill-Burrell – together with Co-host Blizzard.

On the show I spoke about “The Unstoppable Women Of Purpose” Anthology Volume 1 that I am a co-author in, alongside 21 other Women Leaders from around the world.

I also talked about your MINDSET, (how you can change your thoughts and why you should), how I became part of the Global Movement and much more.

CLICK THE IMAGE ABOVE & enjoy the show.x

Live Interview with Michael Gebben (February 10th 2017)

Michael Gebben is the founder of Jumpstarters whereby the company helps you to gain Clarity, Confidence and Jumpstart your business and life & SO much more.

I attended Michael’s incredible event LIVE in St Louis, Missouri in March 2016 and I was humbled and honoured for Michael to ask me to be interviewed about my journey since the event.

Here on this LIVE interview I share with you:-

  • how I managed to attend the event
  • why it was important for me to attend
  • what I received from Jumpstarters for my life and business
  • what I’ve been up to since
  • and why YOU should attend.

Lots of GOLDEN NUGGETS are on this interview, both from myself and Michael so CLICK THE IMAGE to watch the Interview and if you are interested in connecting with Michael about his next Jumpstarters event and if it aligns with you please > CLICK HERE <

Guest Speaker on the "We Rock 24hours Empowerment Marathon" (Jan 1st 2017)

I was humbled and honoured to have been a Guest Speaker on the “We Rock 24hrs Empowerment Marathon”, by Edeline Francois-Dryden, on New Year’s Day January 1st 2017.

Together with 24 Global Speakers, we gave a full 24-hours of POWERFUL actionable advice for you to ROCK your 2017 to be THE BEST YEAR yet!

I spoke about PERSONAL DEVELOPMENT, GRATITUDE and MINDSET and why you should EMPOWER yourself by working on these 3 things daily to help improve your life and business, relationships, emotions and much more.

The Ambition Empire Monthly Meetup


I host a LIVE Monthly Meetup at my home to MOTIVATE, ENCOURAGE and SUPPORT others in their journey of life and business. 

It’s a wonderful opportunity to meet and network with like-minded people who are PASSIONATE, DRIVEN, FOCUSED and who can help you with hints, tips, advice and much more at the LIVE informal Meetup. (So, you can turn up in jeans and a t-shirt, no need for the suit).

You never know what GOLDEN NUGGETS you may receive from attending one of the Monthly Meetups. Make new friends and let’s build a community. CLICK THE IMAGE and connect with me about attending and more info.


2019 Dates COMING SOON! 



More Coming Soon…

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