You have a business and you are finding that you’re watching everyone else and what they’re doing and comparing yourself to them and their successes.


You are playing small and procrastinating quite a lot and holding yourself back constantly and then you’re finding that you’re telling yourself off because you’re not making any progress.


You have photos on your vision board of places you want to visit, money income goals you’d like to achieve and maybe a car or house but you have no idea how you’re going to achieve them.

You are finding that you are thinking negatively about money, and then, yet another bill comes through the door and you don’t know how you’re going to pay it.


Maybe you’re scared of raising your prices because you think that no-one is going to buy your product or service if you put your prices up, even though you may never have raised your prices before. You’re thinking it’s better to have clients and customers at a lower price range than appear “greedy” but you then need more sales and more clients to cover your bills. 


You are beginning to worry about where your next paying client is coming from and you have no idea what to do. You’re trying everything that everyone else is doing as it seems to be working for them, but when you try it all, it doesn’t work and you’re back to where you started.



can you relate to this? is this you? 


If it is, I really don’t want you to worry. I have been there too and it’s kinda scary right? 


> You know and believe that you’re good at what you do.

> You have so much amazing stuff to offer to the world.

> You want to help as many people as possible but you’re sabotaging your success by thinking negative thoughts, overthinking or talking yourself out of the success you desire. 

you want more… deserve more……you can have it all > choose it! 


You are an incredible human being who needs to know that:

  • You are enough
  • You are worthy
  • You are amazing
  • You are supported
  • you are being guided
  • The universe has your back
  • You are unstoppable
  • You can have all the money you desire
  • You can have all the success you wish
  • You need to believe in yourself
  • You are awesome
  • You are part of something bigger than yourself
  • You deserve all the goodness


Go for it! 


Don’t hold back. Change your life and start today – it’s your time right now! say YES! 


master your time & money


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