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Rebecca is one of the most kind and loving women I have ever met, but she’s also a total badass with business. My life has been so blessed by knowing her, just as anyone who works with her is blessed. Your business will grow and your joy for life will grow just simply by working with her.

Quinn Curtis

Branding Guru (USA), Quinn Curtis

I already have a business, I thought I knew what I was doing, until I really had to start putting it all together….home, children, other commitments, and spare time…(of which I had none). Now I know exactly where I’m at, where I’m going and more importantly, where I want to be and how to get there. Without Rebecca’s help and words of encouragement I would still be juggling it all and getting nowhere.

Rebecca is an inspirational woman. Never settling for less than anything. She puts her all into everything. She is a strong, kind, inspirational, amazing lady and a truly lovely person. Nothing is ever too little or too much and despite her extremely busy life she always manages to sort me out. I honestly can’t thank you enough Rebecca. Thank you…..for being you x

Carrie Woolley

Equine Communicator, Reader & Jewellery Maker (made from your horses hair), Hear Their Hoofs

Rebecca is an inspiring person to be acquainted with whether it’s business or pleasure! She is a top-notch leader in Sales with an in-depth understanding of her business and products. She is result orientated with a clear view on achieving her short-term as well as long-term goals, in addition to this, she steers her team in this direction also with offering full support and understanding along the way. Her straight-forward manner makes her fabulous to work with and a positive attitude that is really motivational to others. Tracie Cox

UK Independant Consultant, Love Aroma at Home with Tracie

I feel both very blessed & very privileged to know Rebecca both as a businesswoman and as a friend. I admire the way Rebecca not only sets her own goals in life, but also the fact that she takes it upon herself to motivate others (including me) with her daily inspirational posts and her general outlook on life. I wish Rebecca the very best in whatever she chooses to do in life – watch out world, there is one extremely tenacious, talented & focused woman coming to take you on!

Jo Burbidge

Facilities Officer, Wiltshire, UK

Rebecca enabled me to push myself to new levels and turn ideas and dreams into realities. She offers clear straight forward direction and guidance. Her continued support and fresh thinking has enabled me to be more confident and to develop new abilities. Her attitude to both life and work are both motivating and inspiring. She is a shining light to others.

Emma Ingram

Theatre Actress, Makeup and FX Artist, Wiltshire, UK

I met Rebecca Adams when I was a young mother without a penny to my name. I was being turned down for jobs daily, the only thing I had left was ambition but no idea how to channel it. She gave me an opportunity when no one else would and not only showed me how to make an income for myself but taught me the skills I needed to continue building a business for my family’s future. She supported me, listened and pushed me when I needed it. She was a ‘leader’ not a ‘boss’ and inspired me with her hard work ethic, attitude towards life and knowledge of real-world management. When I wanted to build my own team she showed me how to incentivise and manage my staff and was there day or night when I needed her. In the years that followed and the moves miles apart in both space and careers, I have kept in touch with Rebecca and depended on her for sound advice in any business, career or personal decision. Without the experience and training that Rebecca gave me I would never have gone on to start my own business from home, managed a cosmetics department for a large department store and eventually happily came to where I am now; a senior sales negotiator/ trainee manager for one of the most prestigious estates agents in the north east. Rebecca’s coaching has been invaluable to my career, I use it everyday in business and manage my own staff by her example. Thanks for the huge difference you made in my life Rebecca!

Tara Watson

Senior Sales Negotiator, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, UK

I have known Rebecca for over 16 years and I can fully endorse the work she is committed to. When Rebecca accepts a challenge and believes in a project, she will work tirelessly to provide the best outcomes for everyone involved, she is a remarkable young lady.

Rebecca radiates warmth and understanding and is far from judgmental. She is a keen listener who will offer advice based on what she has heard rather than providing blanket advice.

Rebecca has faced her own testing times but her positive personality and bright outlook on life is indication of her ability to persevere through life’s challenges- She will always find a way rather than find an excuse!

Kerry Haines

Headteacher - UK

Your inspiration – your Zumba – which says to me (and I have also learnt previously from Tony Robbins) that exercise and rituals are important to success and motivation. I have taken inspiration from you because it is hard not to.

Me and my two daughters (one has a lot of psychological problems so this is helping her hugely), we swim every other day and have joined the gym too which from Friday we will all be going every other day also. Family bonding and getting fit, motivation etc. All taken from your lead. Have been trying to do this for so long.

You truly are inspirational. We love you xxxx

Karen Batty

Network Marketing - Merseyside, UK

Rebecca is an incredible young lady who, when she puts her mind on something she aims for the top and the best. She is willing to help people with their needs, even when she has so much going on in her own life. She gives everyone support and uses her knowledge in topics she knows about, as she has had a lot to go through on her own with her children over the years. I have known Rebecca ( Becks) for a number of years and she always has time to talk and bring a smile to my face.

Ronnie Connor

Carer of SEN daughter and parents - Wiltshire, UK

Rebecca is always cheerful and dependable gets on well with everybody a real people’s person. Rebecca is an intelligent and ambitious lady with a wide range of knowledge with great attention to detail.

Claire Walter

Wiltshire, UK

I have known Rebecca for many years through seemly relevance adversity. As a mother of two on her own she came through for me when I needed it and at the same time has inspired many people, myself included. As an ex-soldier Rebecca has discipline and dedication, without being high and mighty or bossy and remains a born leader. Many women would run away from some of the tasks Rebecca has embraced. She is positive, genuine and unafraid to take on any task. She is a wonderful woman and an inspiration to me and others. She is very suited to intuition, and helps to instruct you in many forms to be able to get on in life.

Gillian Martin

Network Marketing - London, UK

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