These books have changed my life

I absolutely LOVE books and reading, I always have. My Mum tells everyone that when I was little in my pram I used to have an old handbag of hers full of Ladybird books (can you remember those books when you were a child?) and I used to read them while I was being pushed around the supermarket.


That handbag went everywhere with me. I also was obsessed with the Mr Men collection too. (No, I don’t have a photograph of me to share – that’s good news with the clothes that my Mum and Nan used to dress me in! – I’m sure you can relate to your childhood pics wearing the most awful clothes!)


Anyway, fast forward to today and I still LOVE books and at the end of 2014 I decided that I needed to make a shift personally and professionally. Helping me with all of that is the books I’ve read and I wanted to share with you the ones that have changed my life, my perspective and ones that could help you too.


Reading books is fantastic, don’t get me wrong, BUT the bigger picture is that when reading you need to let the words sink into your head  and then implement the call to action in the book.


I always say that the mind is THE most powerful thing and it can be trained so that you’re not manifesting the negatives. It can also over-ride anything that’s already been instilled and a new thought process can be established.


A new way of thinking


So, together with the books and also having an open-mindset that anything is possible and I can create and have anything I wish I entered into a new realm this year and YOU CAN TOO!


My 2015 Book List that has changed my life >




The Science of Getting Rich by Wallace D.Wattles

*My most favourite book* I have read this book repeatedly. Once I finish it I restart again. This book will truly change your life and the way you think about “money”.

Wallace covers the fact that there is a science to getting rich and once you implement everything in this book you will create wealth. It’s not full of fluff or sugar-coated. It is matter-of-fact and if you create an idea with a thought, take action your abundance will come.


Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

This is another book that I repeatedly read. This book and the one above truly help you with the thought process of “money” and your “wealth consciousness”.

They teach you that with a definite purpose in mind, healthy positive thinking, knowing that there’s more than enough money in the world for the taking by your actions – you can and will grow and be rich  as long as you have a healthy wealth consciousness mindset and you work on your head.




Co-Dependent No More by Melody Beattie

This book is outstanding with getting you to realise that you allow people to control your inner thoughts and actions. They are co-dependent on you and you allow it and have over the years.

This book has “awoken” me to the realisation of what I have “allowed” over the past 36 years but no more. It “wakes you up” to the fact that you need to mind your own business, take care of yourself and that you are NOT here to carry all the weight of burden on your shoulders. People have to take their own responsibility for their actions.



The Secret by Rhonda Byrne

*Highly Recommend* Wow! This book has really transformed my life and the way I view things and also that of a few of my friend’s lives too.

The Law of Attraction is a very powerful concept and way of life and this book really works on your mindset, how you see and react to things and how you think.

There is also an audio and film too.


You CAN and WILL accomplish anything you want to do in your life but to do anything you have to work on your head, your mindset and have and work with a positive, healthy frame of mind.


You can never progress or get anything with a negative mind – it manifests and makes the negativity even bigger which is not good for you or anyone you have contact with as it is like a ripple effect and you and your attitude towards life, work, children and everything in general affects others too.


Once you make the conscious decision to change your mindset and with conviction own your head and mindset you are GOLD and good to go.


Honestly, these books have changed my life in 2015 and I am blessed, honoured and thank the people who recommended them to me. I with forever be grateful.


I hope you enjoy the books and a little bit of insight from me. Take the leap of faith today to change your life, your mindset and create a future and vision that anything is possible.


Best wishes,



I would love to hear from you:- Which book are you going to read first, and why, from my list above?

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