I am super excited and thrilled to share with you about the FREE 24 hour We Rock Empowerment Marathon, which is taking place online on January 1st 2017. 


It is an amazing opportunity to hear from 24 women entrepreneurs who are sharing with you their tips, advice, skills, expertise and knowledge on many different topics per hour.


It is also a great time (as it’s the first day of the New Year) for you to be INSPIRED, ENCOURAGE and MOTIVATED to Take Action within your life and business with all the golden nuggets you will learn from the power-house ladies that are going to be on the Marathon LIVE!


You can grab a notebook and pen, sit back (in the comfort of your own home). relax and take notes. There is also an opportunity for you to purchase a recording of the show too.


I am honoured and blessed to have been asked to be a part of this wonderful event. The link to join is here >


I hope you can join us LIVE and I’ll update my VIP list on the whole event. (If you’re not yet on my list and would like to please click the Home page and sign up for FREE)!


Best wishes,





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